Agency for Mobility and EU Programmes organized training on "Sport and youth work", on which Kobudo Club "Genbukan Mangetsu Dojo" also participated. Training course was held in Selce from 27th till 30th of March 2012.

In organization of Mangetsu Dojo from 28th till 30th of October 2011 seminar was held and lead by Guy Aerts, Kyoshi for Croatian Genbukan. Kyoshi taught the Genbukan Bikenjutsu curriculum, Ryuha, Kukishin Ryu Hanbojutsu and Goshinjutsu.

With the approval of Soke Tanemura, Mangetsu Dojo from Zagreb held all day training at Novi Vinodolski invited by Karate Club "Tensho".
The event was successful and all participants were very pleased and fascinated with the performance of Mangetsu Dojo of art preserved and taught by Tanemura Soke.

Day of traditional martial arts at Novi Vinodolski, Saturday 04/06/2011

In organization of the Karate Clun "Tensho" there will be frendly meeting with Kobudo CLub "Genbukan Mangetsu Dojo" from Zagreb.

Mangetsu Dojo, Croatia and friends have donated today 24,000 JPY for charity help for injured people in Japan after an earthquake and tsunami. A small amount, but from the heart. Thank you all.

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