Report - Genbukan Irish Taikai 2017

Mangetsu Dojo participated in a big seminar (Taikai) held at the Dublin City University, Ireland, from August 31st till September 3rd 2017, organized by Kyoshi M. O'Reilly and Kyoshi B. Duffy. The seminar was led by Grandmaster Tanemura and his son Kotaro Shihan. Theme of the seminar was the renowned Jujutsu style of Daito Ryu Aiki Jujutsu, from which many modern martial arts systems draw their teachings.

In addition, we where shown the quick draw style of Katana (Iai-jutsu) from the Yamamoto line called Mugen Shinto Ryu, which can be said that it is Daito Ryu Kenjutsu style of swordsmanship. This is a very special style of swordsmanship because it uses the Aiki principles in sword techniques.

The seminar was very intense with 300 participants. It was interesting to see 300 people practicing Katana in the big sports hall. Congratulations on organizing the event, with sword training and very special Jujutsu techniques we where truly amazed. In a safe and relaxed atmosphere everyone could observe Grandmaster Tanemura performance. The performance and teaching of the Grandmaster was indescribable. Especially to know the principles and the power of very subtle elements and destructive techniques. To see both styles in true form performed by Tanemura Soke and Kotaro Shihan was a unique opportunity and privilege.

The whole event was magnified with the 70th birthday of our teacher Tanemura Soke. It was publicly celebrated at the banquet with a surreal ambiance and the wonderful performance of Irish dance. We had the opportunity to hear the wonderful performance on the harp of the song that was written for this occasion in celebration of our teacher 70's birthday.

Congratulations to all the members of Dojo on getting grade in these beautiful styles, but also for the new ranks advancements in Jujutsu and Ninpo. I personally had the honor of taking the Renshi title test and have succeed to escape from the Tanemura Soke's special Ki (spirit) issued attack. I thank my teacher, Tanemura Sensei, on this opportunity, confirmation and trust and to all who supported me and devotedly stood by me all these years, practicing in Dojo. Constantly and humbly we continue to follow the true teachings of our teacher Tanemura Soke.

A truly wonderful Taikai that will remain unique and unrepeatable. All praise to the wonderful hosts from Ireland and to the wonderful martial arts friends from around the world who supported this festive event. Thanks again to the Ireland Taikai organizers and Taikai staff.

Neven Kopčalić, Renshi
Mangetsu Dojo-Cho, Croatia


Article published with kind approval from Tanemura Soke, O'Reilly Kyoshi and Duffy Kyoshi.



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