Soke received the Imperial Order of the Sacred Treasure

On November 3rd 2017 it was officially announced that Tanemura Soke would receive the Imperial Order of the Sacred Treasure from His Majesty the Emperor.

On November 8th Soke was formally invited to the Ministry of Justice with His wife and received the Imperial Order of the Sacred Treasure through the Minister of Justice.

After that Tanemura Soke visited the Imperial Palace with His wife and had an audience with His Majesty the Emperor. 

Tanemura Soke made an effort for 32 years as a volunteer probation officer and also served as the area chief.

Soke also received The certificate from The Emperor of Japan which says: The Emperor of Japan hereby confers the “Order of the Sacred Treasure with Gold and Silver Rays” upon Tanemura Tsunehisa. The Imperial State Seal is thus affixed at the Imperial Palace. On 29th year of the Heisei era, 11th month, 3rd day.

We are very proud and happy for our teacher Tanemura Soke. 


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