News: 8th of June 2011

Novi Vinodolski, Kobudo Enbu, lipanj 2011.

With the approval of Soke Tanemura, Mangetsu Dojo from Zagreb held all day training at Novi Vinodolski invited by Karate Club "Tensho".
The event was successful and all participants were very pleased and fascinated with the performance of Mangetsu Dojo of art preserved and taught by Tanemura Soke.

The concept of training was to give introduction into Kokusai Jujutsu Renmei and Koryu Karate and to show some Goshinjutsu application regarding problem of violence in Croatian society.

The whole emphasis of the seminar was raising the awareness about juvenile violence, family violence and deviant behavior in general in Croatia. We have shown how traditional martial arts and Kobudo culture can act as prevention against these undesirable social phenomena. Also it was shown how traditional martial arts values enable one to become a better person and citizen, making a better society and a harmonious life.

I would like to thank Tanemura Soke for everything and City of Novi Vinodolski for hosting us. Very special thanks to all participants and Karate Club "Tensho" for invitation and organization.

Event can be viewed here: Video playlist

Neven Kopčalić
Mangetsu Dojo-Cho


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