Report - World Taikai in Japan 2015

Tkamagahara Taikai 2015 Group photo
In Japan from 18th to 25th of October 2015 Genbukan Taikai was held with the theme of Takagi Yoshin Ryu Jujutsu and Amatsu Tatara Takamagahara writings. With absolutely divine location of the seminar, we were amazed by the amount of techniques that we had to adopt. Quantitatively, this was one of the biggest challenges even for the more experienced. Original historical wealth and ruthless efficiency of this style shone in the performances of Tanemura Soke and Shihans. Pain and old injuries are even more aggravated with the experience of effectiveness by direct transmission. Simply put the real Jissen-Jutsu of a Ryu-ha, brutally effective.Mangetsu Dojo at Takamagahara Taikai 2015
Grandmaster’s every day lectures about the ancient spirituality of Amatsu Tatara was incredibly inspiring, having the unique opportunity in a life time to get from heart to heart direct insight to the secret knowledge. This was the occasion for those who have been following Soke's words and deeds with entire heart to take examination for the Amatsu Tatara instructor, containing 100 descriptive questions.

On the Taikai we had an opportunity to learn from Nagao Zenyo Sensei also and experience from the first-hand self defense aspect of Daito Ryu school, especially useful for self-defense for women. Particularly pleasing was to see and train extremely powerful and lively style of Iai-jutsu Mugen Shinto Ryu.

Soke and Mangetsu Dojo at Taikai 2015
Once again Soke has endowed us with his great spirit and a beautiful atmosphere like a true heavenly utopia of Takamagahara. I would like to heartedly thank Soke, Shihans and organizers for this unique experience and event. As always it's nice to meet other members of Genbukan family from around the world and to make new friends.

Birth of Fugetsu Dojo at Honbu 2015
On this occasion I congratulate all members of Mangetsu Dojo who passed their grades. We have two new members with KJJR Dan grades (Yudansha) and a new Dojo in Rijeka with the name Fugetsu Dojo lead by Josip Markovic Dojo Cho. My deepest thanks go to all my students who made this dream come true to me.

Takamagahara Taikai 2015 location
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