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Ninja and Samurai Kids


We combine fun, discipline and excitement for children by teaching them the original Japanese martial arts of Ninpo and Jujutsu, self-defence, weapons skills and Japanese culture. Genbukan Mangetsu Dojo teaches martial arts that encourage personal development in moral values and culture of behavior through traditional Japanese martial arts and self-knowledge.


Our curriculum includes all activities that are appropriate for children's development, responsiveness to violence by mental and physical self-defense, and life crucial lessons that help children mature mentally, emotionally, physically and socially.



What we teach at Mangetsu Dojo is the art of living on which children and parents can be proud of. It is a way for shy children to gain genuine self-confidence, so that disobedient children understand the authority and usefulness of discipline, and for all children to learn the ability to handle emotion, stress and anger in a positive direction by knowing themselves and environment. The focus is to explain to children the nature and consequences of aggression and conflict, and to gain abilities that will help them to avoid or respond properly to danger. By learning the virtues of patience and awareness, children can one day achieve respectable rank of black belt.



This Dojo is under the direct tutorage of the central Dojo in Japan and has been certified directly by the Grandmaster Tanemura Sensei from Japan. Everything is taught and practiced in a genuine and authentic way. All certification and diplomas come directly from the headquarters Dojo (Honbu) in Japan from Tanemura Sensei. Contact us and discover these wonderful martial arts for life, growth and happiness.


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