Goshinjutsu - Overview


Goshinjutsu (Go [to persevere], Shin [body], Jutsu [art])

Fifty years of martial arts experience has gone into the development of Grandmaster Tanemura's Goshinjutsu (self-defense system). In addition to receiving over 20 different grandmasterships representing a broad spectrum of ancient martial traditions, Grandmaster Tanemura has spent 14 years at the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department as both detective and instructor. Soke has also consulted with and taught SWAT, FBI, Special Forces and other law enforcement agencies around the world. These diverse experiences have enabled Grandmaster Tanemura to create a truly effective self defense curriculum.


Goshinjutsu is usually taught at Tai Kai conventions and special seminars, along with traditional Ninpo taijutsu and KJJR jujutsu. However, Goshinjutsu also includes many kuden (secret oral teachings) which explain many strategies of the psychology and physiology of attack and defense techniques not covered anywhere else. These special techniques are very effective and truly qualify as Jissenjutsu (real-life fighting skills).

Goshinjutsu - Syllabus

In the Goshinjutsu curriculum, techniques are organized into kyu levels (pre-black belt) and dan levels (black belt).

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