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Chugoku Kenpo (Chinese, Fist Methods)


Chugoku Kenpo comprises yet another section of the Kokusai Jujutsu Renmei curriculum. Why are Chinese martial arts being included in a Japanese system?


Because many Japanese martial arts have roots in Chinese systems, and even Takamatsu Sensei trained widely to fully understand their connections and benefits. After Takamatsu Sensei earned respect as a true practitioner of Kobudo (traditional martial arts), he was able to befriend and learn from masters from other Asian countries. Master Cho Su Long (original Shaolin Kung Fu) and Master Kim (old-style Korean eighteen martial arts) were just two of the amazing teachers that added to the depth and diversity of Takamatsu Sensei's martial knowledge.

Similarly, Sato Kinbei Sensei spent many years in China and Taiwan. Unfortunately, because of the political tension of the time (1940's), things were a little different than when Takamatsu Sensei was there and in some cases, were very difficult. Sato Sensei had to endure many tests to convince the great Chinese masters that his interests were sincere. He was sincere, and in the end, was allowed to receive the highest teachings.

Sato Sensei's dedication was so great that after returning to Japan, he maintained contact and even brought his Chugoku Kenpo masters to Japan on several occasions. Li Zu Ming Sensei and Wang Shu Jin Sensei were both brought over to teach in the "land of the rising sun." Master Wang actually stayed for several years. Because of his unwavering dedication, Sato Kinbei Sensei was eventually awarded the next generation grandmastership (the first non-Chinese person to do so).

After training for many years, Tanemura Sensei received the 5th generation grandmastership directly from both Sato Denjin (headmaster) and Li Zu Ming. Tanemura Sensei has been teaching the art's various exercises and forms since 1991 and has finally organized a step-by-step curriculum for students of all skill levels. Tanemura Sensei's teaching include: Hakkesho (Ba Gua), Kiko (Imperial Qi Gong), Kinnajutsu (Chin-na), as well as many other internal martial art secrets from both Chinese and Japanese traditions.

Chugoku Kenpo - Syllabus

The Chugoku Kenpo curriculum is organized into individual levels which are equivalent to several kyu levels. It is organized differently than the other systems due to its Chinese origins.

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